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The Council is committed to assisting EMS stakeholders in obtaining the resources they need to serve the public through the Rescue Squad Assistance Fund.  The Council provides grant writing and submission assistance upon request to members of the EMS community during both the Spring and Fall RSAF Grant cycles, with March 15 and September 15 deadlines respectively.  The Council also conducts grant application review meeting in April and October to discuss regional grant applications.  If you have a question about this program or need grant writing assistance, please contact the Council at .


The Council is able to design and print Photo Identification Badges for your EMS agency free of charge.  Badges can be tailored to meet your squad's needs and include a photo of members and your agency logo. Badges can be created by appointment at your agency or through electronic submission of member photos, names, and agency logo.  The Badges are the size of a credit printed on a durable PVC plastic and come with a removable strap clip.  Please contact Field Coordinator Josh Wilkinson to obtain ID badges for your agency.


The Southwest Virginia EMS Council Lending Library is a regional program administered by the Council free of charge.  The Lending Library stocks a variety of education videos that can be used to obtain continuing education credit, a wide range of instructor resources (including lecture videos and instructor manuals, and a wide range of EMS training equipment (including manikins, defibrillators, and various patient care devices).  EMS providers can rent videos from the Lending Library to earn Category 2 and Category 3 continuing education credit.  EMS agencies and instructors, hospitals, schools, and other community partners can check out materials free of charge to support their educational programs.  Materials may be checked out free of charge by setting up a library account and adhering to the council's Lending Library Policies.

Lending Library patrons can reserve equipment by completing the form located below.  Reservations should be requested as early as possible with a minimal two-week notice to insure availability of the equipment.  While the Council makes every effort to accommodate equipment reservation requests, such requests are subject to availability.  For more information about the Lending Library, please contact Field Coordinator Maggie Haynes.

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