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Battelle PPE Decontamination System Now Operational

The Battelle Decontamination System is a hydrogen peroxide-based decontamination process whereby items such as N95 masks are run through the Battelle Decontamination Process in order for them to be used again by the original mask provider. Virginia strategically located three units across the Commonwealth based on population density and the ability to support large regional areas, i.e. SW Virginia and the Southern ½ of West Virginia (Shared Unit), Central Virginia (Richmond) and Hampton Roads (Newport News).

The Battelle Critical Care Decontamination System serving southwest Virginia is operational and is located in Blacksburg on the campus of Virginia Tech. It is FDA approved to use vapor phase hydrogen peroxide to decontaminate non-cellulose based N95 masks up to 20 times.  It will operate 24/7 for approximately 90 days and can decontaminate up to 80,000 masks per day. 

Registering with Battelle

Use of this system is voluntary and provided at no cost to participating agencies. However, your agency must register with Battelle to receive your required agency site code. To register, you must:  

  1. Review the attached information and FAQ page which will briefly describe the program.
  2. Determine if your agency would like to participate in the program.
  3. Designate a contact to register your agency with Battelle at https://www.battelle.org/inquiry/offerings-and-services/covid-response/.
  4. Upon registering, a Battelle representative will contact you to provide additional information and shipping supplies. 

Agency Responsibilities

You must properly label and package your N95 masks. To do this, you should: 

  1. Train staff on proper N95 mask labeling, to include individual’s name, Agency Site Code (provided by Battelle), and Site Location ID (optional use designated by the facility to sort masks internally), as described in the attached documentation, Instructions for Healthcare Facilities and Instructions for Healthcare Personnel.
  2. Designate a mask collection area within your agency for properly labeled masks.
  3. Prepare collection bags for shipment as described in the attached documentation Instructions for Healthcare Facilities.
  4. Complete the Chain of Custody form, provided by Battelle after agency registration.

Shipping PPE for Decontamination

  1. Utilize the shipping bags, container, and prepaid FedEx shipping label to prepare the container for shipment. (These materials are provided by Battelle once registration is complete.)
  2. Request FedEx pickup of the shipping container.
  3. Decontaminated masks will be returned to the agency via FedEx (estimated 72-96 hours for return).

Agencies will need to provide their own bags and cardboard boxes for shipping contaminated masks to the site. However, the FedEx labels will still be prepaid and provided upon registration. The next important note is that agencies must select YES for requiring "logistical/shipping support" to ensure you receive your prepaid shipping labels. No one will be permitted to access the site at Virginia Tech to drop-off or pick-up their N95 masks; FedEx must be utilized.


Questions regarding the Battelle decontamination system can be directed to Tanya Hockett, , 804-510-9054 or Brian Thurman, , 540-986-6982. 

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