Section 12 VAC 5-31-600 of the Virginia Emergency Medical Services Regulations requires all EMS agencies to participate in Performance Improvement review programs.  The Office of Emergency Medical Services requires that the Southwest Virginia EMS Council coordinate a regional performance improvement plan and to provide a schedule and topics for quarterly, region-wide PI projects to be conducted by the Council and individual EMS agencies.  OEMS also requires that the Council aggregate the findings of the individual EMS agencies for use by the region's committees and reporting to OEMS.

Your participation in this program by reviewing your agency's call sheets and reporting the information below insures compliance with 12 VAC 5-31-600 as defined in the Regional Performance Improvement Plan(s) (Revised 2007). 

PI has three modalities:

1.    Retrospective – monitoring care that has already been provided, such as by Prehospital Patient Care Report (PPCR) review

2.    Concurrent – monitoring and improving care as it is being provided, such as by on-scene medical direction or by OMD monitoring of care on a real-time basis by radio

3.    Prospective – improving care by instituting training policies, and plans and policies for specific situations and procedures

The PI loop is completed by identifying areas of patient care needing improvement and subsequent action taken to undertake that improvement.


The Southwest Virginia EMS Council has established a regional performance improvement program.  By participating in the quarterly regional performance improvement initiatives, agencies insure compliance with the regulatory mandates outlined above.  To submit your agency's current quarterly PI data, please use the form located in the submit quarterly PI data section.


       1st Quarter PI Report FY 2017

       2nd Quarter PI Report FY 2017

       2nd Quarter PI Worksheet FY 2017

       3rd Quarter PI Report FY 2017

       4th Quarter PI Report FY 2017

       4th Quarter worksheet 2017


        1st Quarter PI Report 2018

        1st Quarter worksheet FY2018

        2nd Quarter PI Report 2018

        2nd Quarter worksheet 2018

        3rd Quarter worksheet 2018

        3rd Quarter PI Report 2018

        4th Quarter worksheet 2018





For instructions on submitting previous quarter PI data, please contact Field Coordinator Josh Wilkinson.


In an effort to improve overall patient care within our region, the regional performance improvement commitees (EMS and Trauma) will review any complaints concerning patient care submitted by agencies, hospital personnel, or community members.  Recommendation will be made in accordance with the regional PI and TPI plans and may be referred as appropriate to the agency OMD and the OEMS Program Representative.  The committees will also review any compliments of the regional EMS system or specific agencies.  Use this form to submit any compliments or complaints of the regional EMS system.For further questions regarding Performance Improvement Referral, contact Field Coordinator Josh Wilkinson.

  pdf PI Referral Form

document PI Referral Form Fillable