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Rules and Guidelines










Rules and Guidelines


Initial weigh in will be March 10, 2017

Final weigh in will be May 12, 2017

A fun, team weight loss challenge where you can change your life and win a cash prize for your agency. Compete against teams from agencies across Southwest Virginia to win a HUGE cash prize!

$500 prize to the top agency. Plus, it’s a fun and effective way to lose weight with support and accountability through team camaraderie!

How to earn points

  • Physical exam or health screening: Earn 2 points for each member of your team that has a physical exam or health screening (examples include: yearly physical, cholesterol test, calcium scoring, prostate exam for men over 50, breast exam for women over 40, blood pressure evaluation & follow up if abnormal). A maximum of 12 points per team and 2 points per individual will be awarded.
  • Average of weight loss: For every 1 pound lost (subtract each week's weight from the original weight or body fat and divide by the team number), 2 points will be awarded.
  • Exercise (must be verified): For every total of 5 hours a week, 1 point will be awarded for a maximum of 25 points per week.
  • Council-Sponsored 5K: You will receive 5 points for entering a team in our 5K being held April 28, 2017. Only one team is permitted to receive points per agency, and the team must be entered in our team event.
  • Final Score: The team that accumulates the highest point total will win.


  • Each participant MUST be a member of the agency
  • Each participant may only participate with ONE agency
  • There will be a weekly weigh-in EVERY Friday (mornings are best)
  • Under the resources tab we have a list of available weigh-in locations
  • In the event of a tie, the agency with the highest percentage participation by active members will be the winner.

Some tips for getting started:

According to the Centers for Disease Control, just a 5% to 10% reduction in weight can have a positive effect on your health, including lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

The American Heart Association recommends that no more than 1 to 2 pounds of weight be lost a week. Losing more than this increases your risk of metabolic conditions, promotes unhealthy eating habits as well as leaves you feeling fatigued due a lack of calories. In addition, losing weight too fast increases your risk of regaining unwanted weight back faster.

Winners will be announced June 17, 2017 at our annual EMS Award’s picnic at Hungry Mothers State Park, Marion, VA (more info to come)

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